Ben Campbell, current co-host of Clear Channel's Tim, Ben, & Brooke on Arizona's KNIX and host of Ben Campbell’s Theater of Insanity on iHeartRadio, is a radio host, voiceover artist, impressionist, comedian, actor, and emcee who is best known for his stunningly accurate Barack Obama impression which the real First Lady Michelle Obama scored a "9" out 10 immediately after being pranked live on the radio by Ben, was featured in an ABC comedic political advertisement parody sketch that ABC was forced to ban from airing at the last minute due to fear that the public would think it was the real President Barack Obama himself addressing the nation, and can be heard regularly on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, TBS' Conan with Conan O'Brien, SiriusXM's The Howard Stern Show (where Ben was the winner of The Howard Stern Show's Celebrity Impression Contest), and South African-based ZANews' US political sketch comedy show Puppet Nation.

In addition to his incredible Barack Obama impression, Ben Campbell boasts a large stable of political impressions and celebrity impressions including his Donald Trump impression, George W. Bush impression, Bill Clinton impression, Mitt Romney impression, Chris Christie impression, Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, Morgan Freeman impression, Matthew McConaughey impression, Al Pacino impression, Dr. Phil impression, Jay Leno impression, Jerry Seinfeld impression, Norm MacDonald impression, Jeff Foxworthy impression, Ozzy Osbourne impression, Regis Philbin impression, Will Smith impression, Charles Barkley impression, Snoop Lion impression, among hundreds of other voice impressions and singing impressions.

Ben Campbell has enjoyed a long career as a radio host around the country. Ben was with 107.7 FM WIVK Knoxville from 1992-1995, spent 1995-1996 at 107.9 FM KMLE Phoenix, was with 98.7 FM WMZQ in Washington DC from 1996-2002, and has been a host of the popular Ben and Matt in the Morning and Tim Ben & Brooke for KNIX in Phoenix ever since.

Ben Campbell is a Country Music Awards (CMA) award winner for Radio Personality of the Year, and is also an Academy of Country Music Awards (ACM) award winner for On-Air Personality of the Year - Major Market