Recent Clients, News, & Media

Ben Campbell is represented by William Gold Entertainment, LLC which has:

Produced live entertainment and media content for thousands of major global brands including Microsoft, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, AOL, Johnson & Johnson, Virgin America, Unilever, Hyundai, USO, and The Africa CEO Roundtable;

Provided talent to and coproduced comedic segments for hundreds of television shows and networks including ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, CBS’s Late Show with David Letterman, TBS’ Conan with Conan O’Brien, NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Comedy Central’s Workaholics, NBC Universal’s The Maury Povich Show, Disney’s Hannah Montana, CBS’ The Millers, FOX News’ Huckabee with Governor Mike Huckabee, FOX News’ Stossel with John Stossel, Showtime’s Paulytics with Pauly Shore, WWE’s Capitol Punishment, TruTV's Friends Of The People, and ESPN's Redes;

Collaborated with dozens of new media giants including Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Funny or Die, Google’s Barely Political, The Onion, College Humor, MTV’s Matt’s Apartment, myISH’s The Hillywood Show, South Africa-based ZANews' American property Puppet Nation, and TRadioV’s ManChat;

Developed political entertainment content for Conservative Political Action Conference 2011, Republican Leadership Conference 2011, Rick Santorum for President 2012, SIEU/Good Jobs Now Presidential Campaign 2012, John Kerry Special Election Race 2013, and Virginia Gubernatorial Race 2013;

Been featured by almost every major news outlet including The Blaze, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Washingtonian, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Atlantic, Slate, FOX News, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, HLN, BBC, and NPR.

William Gold Entertainment, LLC has produced entertainment for, has been sought after, has collaborated with, and has been featured by many of the most respected corporate, television, new media, and journalistic brands in the world.

Ben Campbell has lent his amazing voice, artistic talents, creative influence, and veteran professionalism to many of these brands.