Mission Statement

We will produce cutting-edge, custom-written, life-like comedic videos featuring Presidents Donald Trump, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton, using cutting-edge technology and the world’s best political voice impressionist for live events including corporate and association gatherings, political and charity galas, and private and personal parties, as well as for internal new media projects including industrial films, training videos, and special events.


We have a 3 year window where we can corner the corporate entertainment market before facial and vocal video manipulation technology are working 100% in sync with each other. We have strong relationships with top talent agencies, speakers bureaus, and event producers across the globe who will market and sell this service/product. We have the best presidential voice impersonator, Ben Campbell, who will provide all of the voices for this project.


From 1992-2000, comedian Tim Watters was the premier President Bill Clinton impersonator. He was the first natural born lookalike of a President who refined the look, learned the voice, perfected the mannerisms, and developed a 30-minute comedic State of the Union address. Tim was being consistently sold for $10,000 per appearance (plus travel, hotel, and accommodations), and averaged 25 bookings a month. One of the primary reasons clients booked Tim was for the 1-2 minutes of his performance. In that era, smartphones did not exist, therefore people did not know where the President was every moment of every day. In fact, the only news a conference attendee had access to was the newspaper left out in front of their hotel room door or from one of the three television news stations. So when the event emcee announced that a special guest had arrived on location and Tim came walking out onto the stage, the audience believed President Bill Clinton was making an appearance at their event. This willful suspension of disbelief would last 1-2 minutes, until Tim pulled his signature Presidential seal out from his suit jacket and loudly smacked it onto the front of the podium. At that moment that Tim injected comedy into the performance, the audience was let in on the prank, a giant laugh broke out, and the fun began.

Obviously, this phenomenon can no longer happen using a live performer, but it can be achieved with our cutting-edge product. In this era, the emcee will announce a live video feed from a very special guest. In a 2-minute video, our writer, voice actor, and tech engineer will take the audience through a skillfully crafted rollercoaster ride - first letting them believe the President is addressing them, then slowly injecting the comedy, and finally letting them in on the gag.

Intake / Creative Process

  1. Producer works out project specs with client

  2. Producer secures client contract

  3. Writer works with producer and client to develop a custom script

Video Engineering Process

  1. There are two different methods that will work for our desired end results: “Face Swap” and “Deep Fake”

  2. Deep Fake is a much better solution than Face Swap, but we are exploring both avenues

  3. We are currently working with a Face Swap engineer on a demo, and are speaking with three different groups who are developing Deep Fake technology

Face Swap Technique:

  1. Voice actor would wear a wig, basic theatrical makeup (in the case of a character like Obama prosthetic ears must be attached), body suit when needed (in the case of a character like Trump a fat suit), and a costume

  2. Voice actor would be shot at a professional green screen studio while using his character’s voice and all mannerisms (including hand gestures)

  3. The background will be added in mid-post-production (in the case of a character like Trump an Oval Office set will be inserted) and a video will be rendered

  4. The Face Swap engineer will then swap the target face (let’s say Trump) with the voice actor’s face and the final Face Swap video will be rendered (note: the only thing being swapped is the voice actor’s face / the rest of the video comes straight from the voice actor’s performance)

  5. Post-production work (for example, news scrolls, chyron, logos, opening/closing bumpers, etc) will take place and the final video will be rendered

Deep Fake Technique:

  1. Voice actor would video record himself from a home studio using an HD webcam and a professional microphone (no makeup or costume is necessary)

  2. The Deep Fake engineer would find a “target video” (say an interview or PSA) of the subject (say Obama)

  3. Voice actor’s video would act as the puppeteer for the target video which would act as the puppet

  4. The Deep Fake video will be processed

  5. Post-production work (for example, news scrolls, chyron, logos, opening/closing bumpers, etc) will take place and the final video will be rendered

Writer Offer

  1. We would like to bring you on as the lead writer

  2. We are going to be selling 1-5 minute videos

  3. For writing, we are looking at a price point of $250 per minute which would all go to you. Would this a price point that would work? If not, please let us know what will work.

  4. You would interview the Client, write the script, review with the client, make any necessary changes, and then submit to the Producer.

  5. We would like to develop a formula for the video scripts. We are thinking the videos, regardless of length should be broken into three parts: a) opening - serious, make the audience believe it’s the actual president, so maybe some serious lines about the organization, company, association, etc, b) middle - introduce the comedy, so maybe some jokes that we know that president wouldn’t really tell, and c) end - the reveal, so maybe let the audience in on the gag

Next Steps

  1. We are working with our Face Swap engineer on a demo video

  2. The Artist will be shooting a Trump demo video at a green screen studio because he already has the wig and costumer for Trump

  3. Our post-production team will make it look Trump is in the Oval Office

  4. Our Face Swap engineer will turn the Artist into Trump

  5. We would like to develop a 1-2 minute script for this which will be used as a sales video if it turns out good. We’d like to follow the same “three part” formula we want to offer to clients. So in the case: a) opening - Trump introduces the service, b) middle - Trump tells a few ever green jokes, c) end - Trump reveals that the viewer has been “punked” and introduces the man behind the face as Ben Campbell

  6. Are you interested?


  1. We will hopefully be developing a Deep Fake demo soon and you will be invited into that project as well